Born   1943   Boston, Lincolnshire


1959 - 1960  Rycotewood College, Thame, Oxon

1960 - 1964  High Wycombe College of Art and Design, studied Furniture and Interior Design.


2015  Lived and worked in Rome, Italy

2008 - 2009  Lived and worked in Venice, Italy.
1993  Churchill Travelling Fellowship to study ‘Developing Themes in West African figurative carving’ travelled
to Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso.
1969 - 1972  Lived and worked in Amsterdam, Holland - made first paintings.
1964 - 1965  Lived and worked in Finland building pre-fabricated housing units.
1963  RSA Bursary, travelled in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


2018  Artist in Residence for Bicentenary Year 2018 at  Morrab Library Penzance - Seminars / Workshops / materials and processes and the use of Drawing Books

2018  African Figures and Masks influences on Western modernism - Talk at Morrab Library Penzance

2018  Artist and Subject - Subject and Artist - Talk at Morrab Library Penzance

2003  Workshops and Seminars, Creative Partnerships,Cornwall
1999 - 2002  Reading College of Art and Design - Degree
1993 - 1994  Thames Valley University - Degree
1989 - 1992  Workshops and Seminars, Modern Art Oxford, in collaboration with H M Prison Oxford
1988 - 1999  Berkshire College of Art and Design - Foundation
1980 - 1992  H M Prison Oxford - Drawing/Carving / Painting classes
1973 - 1979  Buckinghamshire College of Art and Design - Degre


Selected Exhibitions

2016  Theatre of Longing  Paintings Sculptures and Drawing Books.  Art Jericho, Oxford. solo

2014  Tombstone Boys the Seas Edge  Paintings Drawings and Sculptures.  Art Jericho, Oxford, solo

2011  A Year in Venice  Paintings Drawings and Sculptures - made in Venice 2009.  Martin's Gallery, Cheltenham, solo.
2006  Body of Long Memory, Sculpture and Dance Video with Angela Praed, Falmouth Art Gallery2005  Body of Long Memory, Sculpture and Live Dance with Angela Praed, Laban Dance, London
2004  Paintings and Sculptures 1997 - 2004 Ferens Art Gallery, Hull solo2003  Sons and Mothers, a selection of drawings from ‘All That Paraphernalia’ Collins Gallery, Glasgow
2003  Transitions, short residency with choreographer Angela Praed and dancers Jane Mason and RiverCamult, Sculpture and Live Dance, Newlyn Art Gallery.
1998  Five Sculptures, Plymouth City Art Gallery, solo

1997  Sculpture Painting Drawing 1990 - 1997 Falmouth Art Gallery, solo
1993  Drawings made in West Africa, Elms Lesters PaintingRooms, London, solo
1989  Inside the Whale, Sculpture and Painting, Modern Art Oxford also touring to McRoberts Art Centre Stirling
University and Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Financed by Greenpeace in conjunction with Modern Art Oxford
Made first sculptures
1987  Paintings, group show, Piccadilly Gallery, London
1986  Drawing and Sculpture with John Mitchel, The Gantry,Southampton
1986  16 Studios, group exhibiton, Modern Art Oxford
1985  Zusterden in de Kunst, Painting, group show Waagebouw, Leiden, Holland
1984  Paintings and Drawings with Andrew Walton, Trinity College, Oxford
1979  Drawings, Korrekelder Gallery, Bruges, Belgium solo


Sculpture Commissions

2005  Arrival from Forever - Mr. and Mrs. Gowdy, Devon, UK
2004  Le Bateau Ivre - Mr. and Mrs. Nicholls, Bretagne, France
2003  Lamorna Wave - Mrs. L. Hitchcox, Lamorna, Cornwall
2001  Burlaouen Bird - Mr.and Mrs. Nicholls, Bretagne, France


Arts Council Collection, London, Eight Drawings made in Prague,catalogued in the 1984 - 88 acquisitions
Green Peace UK
Falmouth Art Gallery
Private Collections in Belgium, France and the UK


2016 Theatre of Longing  Paintings Sculptures and Drawing Books 2013 - 2016  Exhibition catalogue, Art Jericho

2011  A Year in Venice  John Trigg  Paintings Drawings and Sculptures  2008 - 2009.  Martin's Gallery. Published by Martin's the Publishers
2004  Paintings / Sculptures  1997 - 2004, Ferens Art Gallery, catalogue
2003  All That Paraphernalia, drawings and writings about Mother. Published privately and sold through The
Alzheimers Society, London.
1997 Sculpture / Drawing / Painting 1990 - 1997 Falmouth
Art Gallery, catalogue